Technical data


Physical description  
Height of position 1  1,800 mm
Height of position 2 (with hydraulic elevation of position 1)  2,248 mm
Width  500 mm
Weight  50 kg
Power supply  
Power supply requirements (a 15 A fuse is sufficient)  AC 220-240 V, 50 Hz, 16 A
Connecting power  2,3 kW
Number of motion sensors  4
Start delay  15 sec
Emergency stop button  yes
Colour LEDs marking the status of the device  yes
Operation tablet  yes




Other technical characteristics
Lidar sensor: A 360o sensor for precise automatic calculation of the UV-C radiation dose and the time of disinfection to ensure consistent and thorough disinfection.
Motion sensor for automatic switch-off of the device.
Bulbs: SteriPro 95 W (16 pcs) and 60 W bulbs (8 pcs) guarantee UV-C radiation with the wave length of 254 nm, for efficient elimination of pathogens in direct and shaded areas.
Inbuilt fan for cooling the device.
Integrated WiFi.
Lifting mechanism.